Consultancy assignments

SURF Foundation
    Coordination of a workpackage in OpenAIRE, an EU FP7 project supporting the EC Open Access Pilot
    Inventory of e-Infrastructures in 9 European countries, as part of the Information exchange
    workpackage of the EU FP7 project e-InfraNET (2010)
    comparative study of online collaborative environments for research communities (2009)
    co-author EU Framework 7 funding proposals for projects "OpenAIRE" and "ResearchLife" (2009)
    design sustainable organisation for EU Framework 7 project "DRIVER" (2009)

Cooperative Libraries Colleges of Higher Education in The Netherlands (SHB)
    + business plan for The Higher Education Knowledge Bank (2009)
    + project plan for the start-up of The Higher Education Knowledge Bank (2005)

Radboud University Medical Centre / Central Veterinary Lab
    start-up and development of 3R Research Center, an expert center on Reduction,
    Refinement and Replacement of animal experiments (2006-now)

Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)
    workshops and consulting on Institutional Repositories and Open Access Publishing1 (2004-2005)

FME/CWM (branch organization for the metal/electro industry)
    survey and & consultancy on accessibility and use of strategic knowledge sources (1999)

Schoevers Business Training
    policy development e-learning (2000)

Anthroposophical Association in The Netherlands
    re-assessment information and communication policy (paper > online), including re-positioning
    of the national anthroposophic library (2005-2006)